The WingWoman: A Single Man’s Secret Weapon

OK, so dating hasn’t been easy.

You haven’t be successful, you’re feeling like you’ll never find a girlfriend and you need some help.

Well, look no further. We’d like to introduce you to your secret weapon.


You’ve probably heard of the WingMan — the one who approaches a lady or a group of ladies to break the ice, start initial conversation and make introductions. In other words, the WingMan helps his friend get the girl. Because it’s such a successful method, the WingMan has long been used in the dating scene. But it’s not foolproof…

Now there’s a foolproof method to help you meet more women and get more dates. Meet the WingWoman — A Single Man’s Secret Weapon.

The main difference between a WingWoman and a WingMan is, well, she’s a woman. This means that she better understands the ways of women. A professional WingWoman knows what women like, what grabs and keeps their attention, what’s sexy, what’s corny, when to approach, and when to fall back. A WingWoman helps level the playing field.

  • A WingWoman increases your social credit score.
  • Working with a professional WingWoman in a social setting to approach a woman is truly foolproof. It’s an ideal solution for any man who wants to meet more women. If there’s anyone who can break through the walls of protection (the group of friends) to help you reach to the one you have your eyes on, it’s a WingWoman.
  • A WingWoman poses no threat and is not competition. Men (more than women) often share the same taste in women and this poses a problem for you. Unless they’re married, your friends are eyeing the same woman as you.
  • When women see a man with an attractive woman, she wants to know what makes him special. She feels like the other woman has already vouched for him.
  • Yes, your WingWoman is fun, outgoing and attractive, but she is not your date, so don’t treat it like one. Be sure to keep a little distance. You’re single and available so be sure to give the impression that you and your WingWoman are just friends, and nothing more.
  • After your WingWoman has made initial contact and introductions, the ball is in your court. If you’re uneasy about taking it from there, work with a date coach to help you overcome any anxieties.

In closing, a professional WingWoman is a man’s best friend and secret weapon.

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