Part 2/4: Twin Flame Q&A

[Read and Watch Part 1/4 Here]

This video is Part 2/4.

As I mentioned in the previous video, I will go further into my story/situation (including the Order of Protection I’ve mentioned) after posting all 4 parts.

If you have not done so already, please read the bullets below.

In this video I answer questions about:

  • Opposites Attract
  • Separation Depression
  • Unconditional Love
  • Game(s) of Thrones (and the infamous Order of Protection) and Male Ego
  • Calling In Your Soulmate
  • Dark Night of the Soul – Death and ReBirth
  • Teaching Me How Not To Be For A Purpose

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If you’d have like to send me your question privately you can do so here. I will try to do another Q&A soon.

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    • Edits have been made removing names to protect the privacy of others.
    • In these video, I am using the term “Twin Flame” because that’s what I was asked about. The person I am speaking about may have been none or all of those things depending on your understanding or definitions you use.
    • This video is ONLY one part of a chat that was almost an hour-long. If you’ve feedback, comments, complaints, etc. either watch the video in full (link below) or make your own.
    • Unlike too many other Twin Flame/Soulmate/Catalyst, etc. videos, I DO NOT talk about Atlantis, Aliens, weird Angels, nor anything called masters (ascended or not).
    • Yes – I use heteronormative language — because that was the group I was working with.
    • I’ve been avoiding this discussion publicly because I … well… Um, I’ve several different reasons but the two main reasons being:
      • 1) I think it’s a very intimately and uniquely personal journey/experience.
      • 2) I think it can be and often is a very toxic dynamic (and I oscillate between belief in the reality and delusion of it all). But I’ve been asked the question several different times (directly and indirectly) and I guess perhaps it needs to be talked about openly, especially among “us” (specifically more Black folk).
    • And THE ONLY reason I’m willing to touch this topic is because I know that shit will drive you mad AND it pains me to see some suffering in silence about its fucked up addictive nature AND I see too many women give away their power and stay in abusive relationships!
    • I’m #THOTful so if you’re married to the “new age” Twin Flame template theories, you might want to sit this one out.
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