#NegativeTHOTs: Dumped, Shuffled, Rearranged?

[Original FB Post Date: January 7, 2017]

It’s easy to look at another and their situation and be envious or jealous, especially when it comes to romantic relationships or the ease one may have with finding a romantic partner.

But don’t.
Just don’t do it.

We never know what goes on behind closed doors.

Never compare your situation to another.
Never love one love like you did another. Each person is different — with different experiences and expectations.

Love yourself first.
Set boundaries.
Give and Receive (being mindful of the energies you’re putting out there).

Are you loving the way you want and expect it in return or loving the way you were taught?

Know how much you’re willing to compromise.
Don’t make lists of what you want in a partner, but a solid list of deal breakers.
Be accountable for your actions and energy.

See in you, what your lover sees in you (good and bad).

Don’t get into relationships to be more like them or to try to make them be more like you.

Love with integrity and maturity.

Love and see yourself first!


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