My Story Part 1: The Divorce

June 2017: Wild update coming soon (because life is full of surprises)!

Prior to April 15th, 2006, I never had a problem flirting, dating, or socializing

However, on that day, my life was shattered. My dream was now a nightmare, and my family was torn apart. It was the day, my (then) husband, came home and told me that he wanted a divorce. And just like that, life as I knew it changed.

My self-esteem, gone! My upbeat spirit, gone! My confidence, gone!

Like many of you have done, I tried to convince him to change his mind. I tried to change me to prove that he was making a mistake.

Looking back, the situation was pitiful. I was pitiful. I would not have wanted to be with me.

As I waited for a miracle to happen (that would stop the divorce), I read almost every book and article about stopping divorces and getting over heartbreak. Nothing worked and nothing made me feel better, so I did the only thing I knew how. I Ran!

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