Expect the Unexpected: 6 Ways to Harness Hot and Sexy June Magic

Expect the Unexpected: 6 Ways to Harness Hot and Sexy June Magic



June has always been a magical month for me. 

Just like the weather, energy and vibe in the air, I feel carefree, hot, sexy, and radiant. It’s the month I am most comfortable in my skin and look forward to letting it all hang out. June is the month I look forward to reconnecting with friends and knowing that a short trip to the Bodega is bound to turn into an all day adventure that extends late into the night.

June is the month, that people avoid making plans set in stone (especially if you’re in a city like New York because you know something more exciting might be right around the corner — and everyone understands).

June is the month of infinite possibilities and magic if you’re open to receiving and letting go of control issues. I’m sure there’s a historical or astrological reason for this vibrant energy within and outside of us, but who cares, just ride it!

Will you do me a favor?

Do nothing and flow and see what happens.


  1. Write out every day of the week on strips of paper and place them in a bowl and mentally set your intention.)
  2. Reach in and pull out one strip of paper.
  3. The night before the day of the week you pulled, make sure you turn off your alarm clock. Let your body wake naturally.
  4. Shower, bathe or not (seriously…consider not. You’d be surprised how magical our natural pheromones work).
  5. Get dressed. Pack light — Avoid carrying a bag (especially a large one). If anything, grab and empty tote that can be rolled up to collect small adventure items you stumble across throughout the day or a tote that can be left behind should things get really exciting 🙂 *Don’t forget your identification, cash/card and a passport (hey, you NEVER know)!
  6. Now leave the house. Walk or catch the bus instead of driving. Go left instead of right. Listen to your intuition. If a random thought pops into your head as pass, see or smell something, don’t overthink it. Head towards it. Before moving on, take a deep breath. Make a mental note of that moment. Feel the wind and allow your body to tell you which direction you should go next.

I think you’ll be surprised what happens.


  1. Stay off your phone! This is a must. Don’t use it to keep busy. Don’t use it for directions. Don’t use it to call a friend.
  2. Headphones for music is fine, just make sure it’s actually music. No news, etc. Try to play music that you’d want your favorite director to use as the score to your life story (starring you of course).
  3. Stay out as long as possible.
  4. Eat and drink only things that are new or make you feel sexy. Also, only eat when you’re hungry and not out of boredom.
  5. Talk to people. Smile. Giggle out loud and random thoughts and the experience.
  6. Let us know how it goes.
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