Elle: The “3rd Date Rule”

Elle: The “3rd Date Rule”

My interview with Elle:

“Providing a partial or different name to a date provides a false sense of security,” she says. “The fact is, we live in a world where our lives are played out online. Instead of trying to hide who we are, I advise clients to do due diligence, and see what comes up in their Google search.” Crosslin also explains that, in general, most people don’t go beyond the second search page unless they’re actually digging for dirt. “Most of my clients know that they’ll be Googled, and I advise them to make sure that they like the things that come up in their first two pages of search results.”

Following Crosslin’s advice, I was pleased (and relieved) that the initial pages of my own search were NBD—and, actually, stuff that I’d be proud to have a guy see before he met me. Not crazy about what comes up on your own name check? Updating your LinkedIn and setting up a Google+ page can help bury anything controversial. And if people keep digging beyond that? Crosslin says it may be a sign they’re the ones with issues.

By Anna Davies, excerpt from DEAR CUTE TINDER GUY: THAT’S NOT MY REAL NAME via Elle.com

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