Lonely? Experiencing dating obstacles and insecurity? Divorced? Having conflict with your Soul Family/Friends? Looking for your Soulmate? Dealing with Twin Flame separation (a Catalyst/)False Twin, or a Toxic Relationship? Learn how to heal, overcome and Take Back Your Power today!

When you think about time, a “date” is just a moment in time. Whether a great romantic experience, conflict with family/friends or a trying to get over a breakup, it’s just a moment.

Unfortunately, we often hold on too tight to moments creating blockages, toxic patterns, limiting beliefs, and unhappiness. As a result, we feel insecure, unworthy, lonely, and depressed. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

We believe that any moment (be it a great date or a horrific breakup) is an opportunity — a window, a portal of sorts. We show our clients how to capture or release those moments as you travel along this journey called life — because nothing happens to you, but for you.

Recognizing that you’re not a victim but a powerful BeIng with the skills to not only rewrite your story, but play the staring role, is the first step in your “dating” journey — But like most things, it will take some practice, awareness and willingness to live in the now.

If you’re ready to be the best you so that you can attract the best to you, we’re here to assist you along your journey to experience The Best Date You NEVER Had!



  • share ways to spot red flags to identify and avoid toxic relationships;
  • offer tips on how to handle interpersonal conflict and conflict resolution;
  • coach you on ways to shift your perception (if and when necessary);
  • share stories (the good, the bad and the ugly);
  • provide you with tools and techniques to use along the way; and
  • want to bring out the magic in you!

Are you ready?


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