Image Consultations

Image Consultations

Like it or not, image matters — And it matters more than you might think.

Don’t leave anything to chance. Make sure that you impress your date as soon as you walk into the room by working with a professional Image Consultant.


Our Image Consultants helps you discover the best look to help you project a more confident you. They take your personality, profession, and your social needs into consideration to create an image that fits your lifestyle and budget. Our Image Consultants are specialized professionals who will:

  • analyze your currently wardrobe  to offer styling advice and transform your closet.
  • take the frustration out of finding the perfect outfit and work as your personal shopper.
  • provide makeup makeovers and application tips.
  • work with you to create hairstyles for professional, casual and formal events that best compliment you.


Have you ever stood in the mirror for hours trying to decide if:

  •     those jeans make you look fat.
  •     you should wear a T-shirt or a dress shirt on a lunch date.

Our Image Consultants will help you choose the right clothes to wear for the right occasion that look great on you.


When you look good, you feel good. When you feel good, you’re unstoppable!

Our Image Consultants are respectful and receptive but professionally honest. They understand that the success of your dating life is directly tied to you looking and feeling your best. Their goal is to help you find fashionable clothes that are age and lifestyle appropriate. Our Image Consultants will not create a different you, but a more polished and confident you.

Call us at 914.816.1129 or send us an email to schedule a free consultation.

In Person, Email, Phone, and Video Consultations are available.

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