6 Tips To Successfully Deal With Break-Ups

By Caroline Marie D Collyer

Being in a committed relationship with someone really special can make the loneliest girl turn into an outgoing beautiful person. There are so many things that still need to be explained when it comes to love and attraction. However, not a lot of people are capable of expressing themselves especially when it’s a heartbreak that’s involved.

Why do you think people are afraid of showing others that their love life isn’t going well? Why is it that sometimes we prefer to be alone when we’re feeling something emotionally painful? A lot of people say that it’s a matter of getting rid of the hurt and the pain, but I say it’s a matter of how you learn and live with it. We can’t just forget memories when we want to. It will always be there even if we pretend that it’s not. The best way to deal with the pain is to accept it’s there. It’s always possible to consider it a strong foundation rather than an enemy. Besides, it’s better to know that you’re taking advantage of its presence than it taking advantage of you.

1. Calm down no matter how much it hurts. When you were in that moment hearing all the reasons your ex-partner has given on why you need to be apart, how did it feel? Most women admit that they feel more anger than pain. This is the usual tendency and you need to learn to control that. When we get angry, we tend to say thing we don’t mean in such a harsh way. The more hurtful things you say to each other, the more the feelings become vivid and shadowed by hatred. The least you can do at that moment is to make the break-up as shorter and less painful as possible.

2. Never plan on being alone. The last thing you have to do is curl up in bed and mourn until you consume all the tears you can produce. Yes, you got hurt. But that doesn’t mean that you should be a prisoner in your room for the rest of your life. Remember that you have friends before the incident. Don’t cut them out of your life because you broke-up with one person. Use them as your strength in moving on.

3. Please yourself in any way you can. This pertains to the little stuff you do to yourself. If you like shopping, indulge in a few pieces that you think will look really good on you. If you like to eat, consider having a little dessert every once in a while. Treat yourself like a queen and all your dark emotions will be set aside by the good ones.

4. Go out and explore the world with your close friends. This is very basic. If you and your friends haven’t gone to a trip before, it would be the best time that you do. Plan something that you and your friends would really enjoy doing and be the volunteer organizer. It gives you the opportunity to channel your feelings to other mediums.

5. Do something new. If you wanted to have a short hair and always had a long one, cut it short. If you always wanted to go to another country, find out your options on making it possible. Try something you’ve never done before but wanted to. The joy of accomplishing a lifetime dream is something that can heal a thousand sorrows.

6. Embrace all the pain and learn from it. When I say learn from it, don’t even think about being a man hater. Learning only happens when you reconsider the situation and find out if you have done something wrong as well. Learning is when you accept that you failed to do everything that you could to keep your partner. Don’t keep on blaming the other person no matter how much it hurts. Let the emotions go by your own means of expression. Sooner or later, you’ll realize that everything you experienced was for the purpose of making you stronger.

Hi. I specialize in writing self-improvement topics that are practical and simple for everyone. I’ve been a writer and a journalist for seven years and have enough experience to provide insight on what people can do for themselves to be better based on my own perspective about life and living.

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